Southern Rock Lobster (Cooked)


This species, from the cleanest ocean in the world, is unsurpassed with its fine yet firm texture, sweet white flesh tinged with orange and decadently rich flavour. Can be eaten as sashimi or cooked in many different ways. Size D is perfect for 3-4p entree size.

$9.49 per 100g ($94.90/kg)

Minimum 500g to Max 3.0kgs depending on the season and availability.

Product Additional Information
Size A (400-500gm)
Size B (500-600gm)
Size C (600-800gm)
Size D (800gm-1kg)
Size E (1kg-1.5kg)
Size F (1.5kg-2.5kg)
Size G (2.5kg-3.5kg)

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