Christmas Seafood

At Adelaide Seafood, we understand that the festive season is a time for joy, not stress. That’s why we’re excited to offer our Christmas Pre-Order service, designed to make your holiday preparations as smooth and enjoyable as the feast itself. Say goodbye to last-minute rushes and long queues – with our pre-order service, you can select your Christmas seafood in advance and simply pick it up on your chosen day before Christmas.

Our Selection of Christmas Seafood

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner or a grand family gathering, our range has something for every table and taste:

1. Prawns: A Christmas classic, our prawns are fresh, juicy, and perfect for a festive prawn cocktail or a summer seafood platter.

2. Oysters: Delight your guests with the freshest oysters, ready to be served natural, Kilpatrick, or with your favourite dressing.

3. Lobster: Nothing says luxury like a succulent lobster. Our lobsters are a festive favourite, ideal for a special Christmas Eve dinner or as a stunning centrepiece.

4. Christmas Platters: For those who love variety, our Christmas platters are a dream come true. They feature a mix of seafood delights, catering to all tastes and preferences.

5. Sashimi: For a sophisticated twist, our sashimi-grade fish is fresh and ready to be transformed into elegant Christmas canapés.

6. Every Kind of Fish: From traditional snapper to exotic barramundi, our selection covers every kind of fish to suit your festive recipes.

Pre-ordering is simple and convenient. Visit our website or store to make your selection, choose your pick-up date, and leave the rest to us. Your order will be freshly prepared and ready for collection, giving you more time to enjoy the festive season with loved ones.

Celebrate this Christmas with Adelaide Seafood. Relish in the finest seafood without the hassle. Pre-order now and ensure your festive table is adorned with the best the ocean has to offer.

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