Australian Mullet Fish in Adelaide

Living in Adelaide provides many options for purchasing seafood, but the highest quality seafood is found at Adelaide Seafood. You can count on us when you are on the hunt for some delicious, fresh Australian mullet fish for your dinner plate! Whether you are a mullet fan or haven’t tried Australian mullet before, you will be thrilled with the meaty, delectable taste of our high-quality Australian mullet fish. With crispy skin and ocean-y flavour, this fish is an excellent choice for lovers of Australian seafood.

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Our Australian Mullet Products

We proudly offer three varieties of Australian mullet fish at Adelaide Seafood. We’re also happy to provide you with the option to purchase fillets of each of our types of Australian mullet for easier at-home preparation!

Australian Mullet (Whole or Fillet)

Our Australian mullet is known for its rich taste, juicy flesh, and delectable crispy skin.

Jumping Mullet (Whole or Fillet)

Our Jumping mullet variety is wild caught in NSW and has a decadent, meaty, oily flesh.

Coorong Mullet (Whole or Fillet)

Our Coorong mullet is wild caught in the waters of South Australia and provides impressive flavors for a low price.

Experience, prioritization of freshness, and dedication to our local Adelaide customers make Adelaide Seafood the top choice for fresh seafood in Australia.

We have two physical locations where we show off our quality seafood products as we have been for the past 45 years. If you need to find us, we are located in both Stepney and Marion for fresh Australian mullet fish near you.

You can order seafood online through our website! Adelaide Seafood is more than just a physical location. We’re proud to offer online ordering options and fresh seafood for delivery to Adelaide residents.

Australian Jumping Mullet