Australian Flathead Fish in Adelaide

If you’ve been craving a soul warming ocean to plate feed, our Flathead fish belongs on your menu. This variety is renowned for its appearance in your favourite fish and chip shops Australia-wide. However, ordering fresh and preparing a wholesome meal at home with Flathead fish from our premium range will transcend your expectations when it comes to fresh ocean flavours. Its sweet and fatty taste gives you plenty of versatility in the kitchen, with the option of tossing it through a decadent curry or keeping it simple with a wedge of lemon and some thick-cut wedges to really honour its full-bodied flavour.

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Our Australian Flathead Fish

Our Flathead fish is wild-caught right here in deep Australian waters. We maintain freshness through every step of the handling process to ensure your seafood experience leaves a memorable, mouth-watering impact. Paired with a crisp riesling and a fresh salad with a drizzle of our deliciously sweet home-style dressings, your weekday arvos are looking better than ever. With its hint of sweetness and firm white flesh, even the kids will be topping up their plates. Grab some fillets or a whole Flathead fish for a simple family feed, and have it delivered straight to your door today!

When you order from Adelaide Seafood, there’s no question about whether you’re receiving a high quality product. Our sustainable ethos is reflected throughout our business practice. We also sustain excellent relationships with our customers by satisfying their needs through our range of Adelaide’s freshest ocean flavours, paired with convenience. Of course, quality seafood also comes with excellent health benefits, and gives you far more versatility in the way of preparation to improve the home-cooking experience. If you’re looking for the perfect entree for your Flathead fish, Adelaide Seafood also supplies a diverse range of prawns, squid, oysters, and even pre-made platters for a quick, fresh and indulgent feast to share with loved ones.

Australian Flathead Fish