Fish Sashimi Adelaide

Adelaide seafood is a family owned and operated business that provides the local community with the freshest, premium-grade seafood selection on the market. With over 45 years of experience to our name, every step of the process from sourcing and processing, through to packaging and delivery is carried out with the absolute utmost care and attention to detail. Quality is consistent with every order, and from over 30 species of delicious fish to choose from as well as an assortment of crustaceans, squid, octopus and more—we have every food occasion covered with your favourite seafood treat.

Our Sashimi & Platters

Adelaide seafood also has a range of pre-made platters available that make catering for any event—or simply just treating yourself and a loved one—an easy feat! Everything is cut fresh upon order, and our selection consists of the most sought after sashimi options such as tuna, salmon and kingfish. If you can’t decide which option is for you, try all three with our assorted best fish sashimi platters!

Why we definitely recommend incorporating a sashimi platter in your next order is because you simply can’t go wrong with something fresh that truly honours those fresh ocean flavours we love. It’s definitely one of those instances where simplicity is key, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from combining our best fish sashimi with your favourite asian-inspired sauces for a little extra kick. Need some inspiration? We recommend you try:

  • Ponzu (particularly great with tuna) with a sesame base, a zing from rice vinegar and some korean chilli flakes for a little extra heat.
  • Yuzu & soy sauce (an incredible match with our salmon sashimi) consists of a fresh citrusy tang with herbaceous qualities which sit beautifully alongside a classic soy dipping sauce.


Save yourself the effort and indulge with our unbeatable fresh fish sashimi for your next special occasion!

Best Fish Sashimi