Fish For Barbeque in Adelaide

Choosing your fish for barbeque is easy with Adelaide Seafood, because we have something to cover every flavour and texture preference—prepared to perfection and ready to roll straight onto the hot plate. Nothing quite hits like a piece of fish or seafood banquet straight off the barbeque. Whether you’re surrounded by loved ones at a gathering or cooking up a nice feed for yourself, the crispiness and depth of flavour from the grill paired with the fresh, ocean taste is an unquestionable match made in heaven. Especially when there’s added health benefits in the mix!

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Our Fish Freshness is Unrivaled

When it comes to seafood, taste truly derives from freshness and quality. That’s why Adelaide Seafood should always be your one stop shop when stocking up on goods for the grill. With a huge selection to choose from and the option for delivery straight to your door, accessing restaurant-grade fish for barbeque has never been easier. Here’s a little insight into the product range at Adelaide Seafood that might be fit for your next barbeque fest.

Fish: From traditional favourites like Barramundi, Snapper and Flathead to delicious Boarfish and Coorong Mullet. A bit of salt and pepper is all these fillets need! We have over 30 varieties of fish for barbeque to choose from.

Prawn cutlets: Tiger prawns, and King prawns from SA’s own Spencer Gulf are perfect for grilling and tossing through a fresh vietnamese dressing or peanut sauce.

Crustaceans: Crayfish, fleshy Blue Swimmer crabs and buttery scallops from Harvey Bay are all you need to take your next barbeque to a fine dining level.

Fish for barbeque