Welcome to the Oyster Bar at Adelaide Seafood, where we bring you the freshest oysters in Adelaide. Our oysters are sourced from Kangaroo Island Oysters, renowned for their exceptional quality. These oysters are grown along the wild coastline of Kangaroo Island, in the clean, pristine waters of the Southern Ocean. Using both deep water and intertidal farming techniques, Kangaroo Island Oysters develop a unique, salty crisp flavor with cucumber and melon tones.

The pristine environment of Kangaroo Island ensures that our oysters are not only fresh but also sustainably farmed. Enjoy these delicious oysters raw, crafted to enhance their natural flavors. Whether you're a local seafood enthusiast or a visitor looking for an authentic taste of Adelaide, our Oyster Bar is your destination for premium oysters. Experience the crisp, refreshing taste of fresh oysters from Adelaide Seafood


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