Buy Crab Adelaide

Adelaide Seafood is the best solution if you’re on the market to buy crab in Adelaide. Do you have a particular crab dish in mind that demands the best and freshest product on the market? Or perhaps you’ve just been craving a quality seafood feast? Either way, we have you covered with the most reliable, high quality range of seafood paired with some kitchen inspiration.

Freshest Seafood and Crab in Adelaide

Adelaide Seafood is locally renowned for delivering the freshest sustainable seafood straight to your door. We have a huge product range that includes mouth watering favourites like crayfish, oysters, prawns, and over 30 different species of delicious fish. White, fatty, flaky, oily or lean—there’s truly something for every palette.

And of course, let’s not forget about the star of the show: our brilliant range of crab. You can buy crab in Adelaide cooked or raw, and we have different varieties such as the big-clawed mud crabs from Queensland or the popular Blue Swimmers. If you need some kitchen advice, we can even suggest some delicious and simple recipes incorporating our tasty crab meat that’ll impress everyone at the table. Here’s a few ideas to get the spark glowing:

Crab cakes

Rich flavours from worcestershire sauce and dijon mustard paired with the fresh zinginess of lemon and coriander will leave everyone’s mouth watering! Crab cakes are an excellent share plate option for get-togethers that help you get all that delicious crab flavour without the mess of picking apart the shell.

Crab linguine

We recommended incorporating garlic, lemon, white wine and chilli for a bit of heat to create a simple yet incredibly tasty pan sauce for your pasta.

Tom Yum

Steam up your crab, put some rice on the side and try it with a mild and coconutty tom yum sauce. This Thai curry base will pair perfectly with the tender meat of a Blue Swimmer!

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