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Adelaide’s freshest seafood delivered to you. We have incorporated live tanks to ensure the freshest seafood possible, and prepare our orders specifically for your needs.

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  • We are a family business with a wealth of experience in the seafood industry who have been servicing Adelaide with the freshest seafood for over 45 years.
  • We are excited to incorporate live tanks to ensure our customers receive the freshest seafood possible.
  • All online orders are prepared, cut fresh and packed for delivery. We pack our products in sustainable thermal packaging and use refrigerated vehicles to make sure your seafood stays temperature controlled throughout the duration of delivery.
  • Our products are sourced directly from South Australian Fisherman and the Adelaide SAFCOL Fish Market
  • We offer free delivery for your first order and all orders over $150

In the heart of Adelaide, where the rhythmic dance of the ocean kisses the sun-drenched shores, lies an epicurean treasure trove known to locals and gastronomes alike as the sanctuary for the freshest seafood. Here, the day’s catch is sourced directly from the generous waters, gleaming with the promise of the ocean’s bounty. But this isn’t your everyday seafood fare.

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